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Flight Ops/Operations Customer Center

Delta’s Flight Operations team provide on the ground support for over 11,000 pilots. Working closely with our pilots from hiring through on-going training and scheduling, this team provides the critical support needed to maintain the high standards of safety and professionalism that are required of a Delta pilot. Among the opportunities available in this area are positions as technical writers, navigation specialists, simulator technicians and crew schedulers, all working to support Delta’s pilots to safely operate more than 2,500 daily flights in the US and around the world.

Delta’s Operations Customer Center (OCC) is the heart of Delta, balancing the planned schedule with operational constraints and disruptions while achieving top tier industry performance. An important role in our Operations Customer Center is the Flight Superintendent. Performing a critical role in the safe completion of a flight’s journey, Flight Superintendents provide coordinated assistance in the planning, monitoring and support along the route for Delta’s more than 2,500 daily flights in the US and around the world. The Flight Superintendent ensures that flights operate in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and Delta Company policy and works with flight crews to execute the flight plan from pre-departure, managing all operations issues along the flight path to safe arrival at its destination.

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